Circuit chalet Enjoy

To feel good, it can comfortably accommodate up to 60 people, it also has a yard party for the material and offers a superb view of the circuit and the surrounding scenery.

Visit Val Thorens & the 3 valleys

Invaluable resources to share, which can be associated with your stay and your arrival on the circuit. We can help you discover unsuspected flavors to make your experience a memorable one, while guiding you to the best institutions. With us, there is no limit to the satisfaction of our customers.



A team at your service

Led by Olivier Pignon since 2014, the new team is professional excellence, to offer you the best. It is also warm and caring, for you, depending on your choice, you will be guided safely when you arrive at the Chalet. Featuring BPJEPS, our instructors will accompany each of you, to the various pleasures of skiing (Entertainment & Flying School) but also training to help you better understand the use of the car every day by making you discover and experience what will get us out of emergency situations (Master & Security).

The car park, Karting and SSV

In order to offer you appropriate equipment, our vehicles have a specific preparation.

Our vehicles 2WD and 4WD (Renault Clio RS and Mitsubishi Evolution), Karting (270 cc) and SSV (Polaris 570).



To live apart

For a demanding clientele in search of the absolute wishing exclusive and private benefits, we can, on request, design and imagine an elitist exclusive universe. Contact us by phone at + 33 (0) 7 88 61 25 34


Design all your events (collectors clubs, antique cars, race cars) for use of our infrastructure with your favorite cars.


Our partners

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Discover the highest ice circuit in Europe

An exceptional venue located in Val Thorens in the heart of the 3 valleys. Under the patronage of Alain Prost, this circuit accessible to all, offers new sensations. First round of the Andros Trophy, this demanding circuit is the highest level in 25 years.